Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability
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We care about the environment

That is why we have an active policy on corporate social responsibility, both on the level of communities and the environment. Our work and our clients depend on nature: the seas that transports the container ships, the natural products that become the commodities we assess, the sun and rain that make these products grow. We want to take up our responsibility to preserve the nature around us.


Originally a Dutch company, we are proud that the Netherlands is a leading power in innovations and policies to increase worldwide sustainability on areas of transportation, energy and industry(link naar https://investinholland.com/news/dutch-lead-sustainability/)  Also Germany, another country we are very active in, has high standards when it comes to sustainabilitySince they adopted their National Strategy for Sustainable Development (link naar https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-en/issues/sustainability/the-strategy-214722 in 2002, sustainability and lowering their pressure on the environment has been a guiding principle in national policymaking.  


That is why we have started to implement ISO 14001. This norm helps companies to improve their environmental managements systems and to achieve their goals in taking care of the environment. We see this not only as our goal, but as our responsibility.