Our history

Our history
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The history of Qualitas Group goes back to 1971, when one of owners of what later became Qualitas Group, joined an inspection company based in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands. This inspection company was an internationally appreciated inspection agency, mainly involved in FOB shipment agricultural inspections in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.  


Although no lack of work could be observed, its shareholders decide to stop the inspection activities in 1993. One of the employees then started an agency in inspection services, which brought about connections between clients and inspection companies. In 2003, he decided to start a completely new inspection company, which was registered and filed on November, 1, 2003, and named Controle & Inspectie Bureau Brouwer (CIBB). The trade name Qualitas Inspection was added on January, 1, 2012.  


CIBB and Qualitas Inspection started with high ambitions and an even higher quality standard. They would provide inspections and related services all over the world, focussing on reliability, professionality and delivering only the best. Year after year, Qualitas Group grew and managed to realize and increase their ambitions and quality. In 2010, it acquired its first ISO 17020 accreditation for inspections. The number of clients has been steadily growing since the beginning and we focus on more growth, so we can create confidence for more clients and continue to contribute to a safer world.