Marine Claims & Casualty Investigation

Marine Claims & Casualty Investigation
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Just before Christmas 2021, our expertise in the field of Marine Claims & Casualty Investigation was requested by a ship’s classification bureau.

On the night of December, 23rd, M.V. Amadeus Aquamarijn accidentally collided on its backside with a fishing trawler near the Dutch island of Vlieland. Due to serious ingress of water, the vessel had to be pulled rapidly to the nearby port of Harlingen. An experienced marine surveyor of Qualitas investigated the ingress of water into a large hole in the lower after part of the vessel, on port side of the rudder. Water had entered the steering engine room, and through a cable tray also in the engine room itself. Under the supervision of our surveyor, we had the cargo lifted as fast as possible from the afterpart of the vessel’s hold, to get the hole above the water line and stop further ingress of water. And we finished the whole discharging operation just before Christmas eve!

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