Food & Feed Inspection

Food & Feed Inspection
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Food and feed products like agricultural commodities do hardly ever have a fully homogeneous quality and composition all along a shipment. The quality of a shipment of an agricultural commodity can vary quite strongly. Problems may occur concerning alive insects or damaged cargo. Quality assessments with help of complex analysis devices may be difficult at remote places.

We deliver the knowledge and discipline to carry out the necessary quality inspections, inspections of weight and much more, for clients like milling factories, malting houses, breweries, agricultural cooperatives, feed industries, trade houses, ship agents and shipbrokers, charterers, insurance companies, governmental and non-governmental bodies, food industries, and all related industries. Inspection of food & feed products is our core business. Our clients consider us to be a top-quality service provider.

We offer different types of inspections, following different methods and procedures and inspecting different commodities. To gain a full overview of our activities, please refer to one of the next pages:

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