Use of Marks and Logo’s

Use of Marks and Logo’s
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Upon the granting of certification by Qualitas Group, you may use Qualitas Group Certification Marks and other marks of conformity owned by Qualitas Group or any other reference to certification. The usage of these marks are governed by rules. By using the Certification mark or other marks, you must agree and comply with the rules and guidelines attached to the mark.


Usage of Qualitas Group marks suggest conformity to our standards and schemes. The rules with respect to the Certification Mark and other marks owned by Qualitas Group are as stated below.

In the rules as stated here, “reference” means any marks, use and display of licenses, certificates, marks of conformity and other mechanisms for indicating that a product is certified.

  • A reference to a certification status in communication media will always be conform the requirements of Qualitas Group;
  • A reference must always be able to be traced back to Qualitas Group;
  • In the reference or the accompanying text, it is always clear what has been certified an which body has granted certification;
  • The reference is never used on a products or product packaging or in any other way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity;
  • The reference is not used for application to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates;
  • In case of the certification of a management system, the reference to that certification is not used in a way implying that it concerns a product or process;
  • In all above applications of Qualitas Group references, there is never any incorrect or misleading statement regarding a client’s certification, the mark, or any part of it, is never used in a misleading manner, there is never implication that the certification applies to activities and sites that are outside of the scope of the executed certification and the mark is never used in such a way that it might bring Qualitas Group and/or the certification system into disrepute and lose public trust;
  • Quality Group always retains ownership of the references and holds the right to exercise proper control and take action to deal with incorrect references to certification status or misleading use of certification documents, marks or audit reports.



In case of termination, withdrawal or suspension of certification all use of references has to be discontinued. In case of reduction of the certification scope, all use of references is amended accordingly. This means that after withdrawal, suspension or reduction, any information referring to Qualitas Group’s certification has to meet the actual situation, meaning that it cannot be incorrect or misleading or outdated.