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Inspections on food are essential for maintaining quality and health within society. Royal Koopmans has been at the forefront in this sector since 1846. We can proudly state to be cooperating with them; working together to achieve their mission: deliver delicious, nutritious and sustainable food.

The activities that are executed for Royal Koopmans consist of inspections on grains. We have extensive experience in inspections of agricultural commodities and their derivatives. Therefore, Royal Koopmans has put their trust in our company to inspect all organic grains they have procured. Inspections of organic grains are of great importance, as they have a higher risk of natural pollution considering that the use of pesticides is not allowed. Being an independent and neutral party, we assist Royal Koopmans in procuring the highest quality goods!

One of the subjects Royal Koopmans and Qualitas fully agree on is sustainability. For Royal Koopmans, sustainability is not a goal in itself, but a way of making decisions. They believe in clean, healthy, organic and transparent products. We are happy to support Royal Koopmans with this matter through our inspections.