Working with Skal

Working with Skal
Skal - Skal
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Skal is the Dutch independent control-authority, assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture to execute responsibility over inspection and certification of all organic companies. 'Organic' is a legally protected term within Europe and one of the things Skal is responsible for is to monitor compliance of organic entrepreneurs, as well as controls on processed food producers, importers and trading companies. This is where Qualitas Inspection cooperates with Skal.

We have worked together with Skal for years and have built a solid foundation of trust in our quality and independency. For our inspections in cooperation with Skal we check products from organic producers that are placed under the supervision of Skal. Our responsibilities include inspecting commodities on soundness, homogeneity, merchantability, condition, appearance and weight. An important part of the inspection process is taking representative samples. This last part indicates that there is a possibility that our inspectors will be on the location of inspection for a longer period of time, this way they will be able to take samples from all parts of the load. This approach to inspection gives a clear and reliable outcome.

We carry out inspections for Skal throughout the Netherlands. We are proud to cooperate with them, as they work hard to improve the quality of organic food and feed and contribute to the reliability of a EU quality mark.